Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff

An undergraduate education at Indiana University Bloomington will develop students' understanding of themselves, their sense of responsibility to others, and their knowledge of the social and natural worlds. Students will therefore be able to analyze problems, generate solutions, pose questions and construct defensible answers based on reason and appropriate evidence. IUB graduates will be curious, independent and responsible participants in their communities and their places of work, and citizens of the world.

To achieve these ends, every Indiana University Bloomington baccalaureate degree program includes common course and disciplinary requirements that integrate these general developmental goals with the special resources of the campus. These common requirements articulate the ideals that Indiana University Bloomington faculty hold for the general education of undergraduate students, and assure that all students are afforded the opportunity to explore a breadth of academic opportunities as well as the more specialized demands of a chosen major field of study. An IUB undergraduate education is an experience that deepens, broadens and extends students' skills, knowledge, abilities and dispositions, and fosters a love of and dedication to learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

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