Indiana Statewide Transfer General Education Core

Indiana Statewide Transfer General Education Core

The Indiana Statewide Transfer General Education Core (STGEC) is a framework of general education competencies and learning outcomes outlined and agreed upon by academic representatives of the Indiana state public institutions of higher education. These competencies represent commonalities among the general education programs at the various institutions and campuses. By design, the STGEC framework maximizes the transferability of a general education “package” from one state institution (or campus) to another while allowing each institution to determine and maintain its own distinctive general education curriculum for its graduates.

Requirements for completion of the STGEC vary by campus and institution, and each state educational institution has specified how their program meets the competencies described within the STGEC framework. Completion of local STGEC requirements will be validated and documented by the institution or campus of enrollment.

Students who earn the STGEC milestone at any campus of any Indiana state public institution of higher education prior to matriculation at Indiana University Bloomington will not be subject to IU Bloomington GenEd Common Ground requirements. Students who transfer to IU Bloomington after partially completing STGEC requirements at another IU campus or at another Indiana state educational institution will have their transfer credit applied, course by course to IUB GenEd Common Ground requirements in accordance with established course articulations and transfer credit policies. Please note that courses associated with a particular STGEC competency area at one institution or campus will not necessarily apply to that (or any) STGEC competency area at another institution or campus.

Completion of the Statewide Transfer General Education Core does not add to, subtract from, or alter any other degree requirements, including school requirements, major requirements, minor requirements, or requirements for an undergraduate certificate. Students must, therefore, work closely with an advisor to determine what relationship, if any, exists between requirements for general education and other degree requirements.

IU Bloomington STGEC Requirements

To earn the IU Bloomington Statewide Transfer General Education Core (STGEC) milestone, an IUB student must:

  1. successfully complete the IU Bloomington General Education Common Ground requirements
  2. successfully complete one of the following approved IUB Speaking and Listening courses:
    • BUS-C 104Business Presentations
    • BUS-C 105Business Presentations: Honors
    • COLL-P 155Public Oral Communication
    • SPEA-V 260Topics in Public Affairs (topic: Speaking, Listening, and Public Affairs)
  3. take additional coursework from the IUB Common Ground course lists, if necessary, to reach the STGEC 30–credit hour minimum
  4. complete the above STGEC coursework with a GPA of 2.000 or higher.