IUB General Education

Each undergraduate student is subject to the General Education requirements that were in effect at the time of matriculation as a degree-seeking student at Indiana University Bloomington. For example, a student who initially enrolled as a degree-seeking student at IU Bloomington in Fall 2016, whether as a freshman or as a transfer student, must complete the 2016–17 Common Ground requirements prior to graduation.

The list of courses approved for each GenEd Common Ground requirement is updated and published annually. In order to apply toward the Common Ground requirements, a course must be GenEd-approved for the semester in which it is taken. Approved courses are noted in the Schedule of Classes at the time of registration, and the GenEd website includes a GenEd-approved course listing, searchable by requirement, department, and effective dates.

The Indiana University Bloomington General Education Bulletin is the official source for current GenEd requirements, policies, and other pertinent information. Previous editions of the IU Bloomington General Education Bulletin can be found here.