General Education Requirements

The Indiana University Bloomington General Education Program consists of two parts, each of which is viewed by the campus faculty as equally important in the overall undergraduate educational experience. This two-part structure recognizes that some experiences are better completed universally by all undergraduates and other components are better defined within the context of each degree program. The faculty in each degree program are responsible for developing the most appropriate ways of incorporating these two components into each degree program. The Common Ground must be incorporated into every baccalaureate degree program. The Shared Goals are recommended for inclusion in every baccalaureate degree program.

Common Ground

All undergraduate students who matriculate as degree-seeking students at IU Bloomington in or after first summer session 2011 will be required to complete the following General Education Common Ground requirements prior to graduation.

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Shared Goals

Each degree program should be designed in such a way that students are provided opportunities to experience these additional aspects of an undergraduate education:

  • Intensive Writing
  • Information Fluency
  • Diversity in the United States
  • Enriching Educational Experiences

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