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GenEd Course Proposals

The IUB General Education Committee (GEC), which is composed of faculty members from each of the undergraduate academic units on campus (i.e., the schools and the College) approves courses for the GenEd curriculum. Evaluation of course proposals is delegated to the appropriate GenEd Common Ground subcommittee (English composition, Mathematical Modeling, Arts and Humanities, Social and Historical Studies, Natural and Mathematical Sciences, and World Language and Cultures). Each subcommittee reviews course proposals once annually and forwards their recommendations to the GEC, who ratifies the subcommittee lists.

Common Ground subcommittees evaluate the appropriate course proposals on the basis of the established learning outcomes and course characteristics for each GenEd category (and also on the basic principles of GenEd course eligibility).

A single course may be proposed for both World Cultures credit and Breadth of Inquiry credit. Such a course, if approved by both the World Languages and Cultures subcommittee and the appropriate Breadth of Inquiry subcommittee, may "double count" toward both requirements for students who take the course after its approval for the GenEd curriculum. Courses should not, however, be proposed for more than one Breadth of Inquiry category (i.e., Arts and Humanities, Social and Historical Studies, Natural and Mathematical Sciences). See the requirements for GenEd course eligibility.

Faculty members who wish to propose a course for the GenEd curriculum should discuss their ideas with the chairperson of their department. With the approval of the chairperson and/or departmental curriculum committee (depending on departmental procedures), GenEd proposals are forwarded to the academic officer of the appropriate school or academic unit. Approval procedures vary by school, but GenEd proposals that receive school approval are forwarded by the school’s academic officer to the GenEd Committee for consideration.

Please note that course proposals may not be submitted directly to the GenEd Committee by individuals or departments. All course proposals must be approved by the appropriate school, who will then forward the proposals to the GenEd Committee.

GenEd Course Proposal Forms

GenEd course proposals must be submitted using the appropriate GenEd Course Proposal Form:

Instructions for Completing GenEd Course Proposal Forms

Each course proposal should be prepared in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. Select the appropriate course proposal form, save it to your desktop, and open it in Adobe Acrobat or Reader. Do not attempt to complete the form in your browser.
  2. Complete the form, answering all questions as appropriate. With your cursor, hover over most fields in the form for context-specific help text.
  3. Attach a course syllabus (or more than one syllabus as required). The method for attaching a file to a PDF varies depending your version of Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. Please consult the instructions or help menu for your software. Do not attempt to use non-Adobe software to fill out this proposal form.
  4. Supporting material may be attached as well. (On course eligibility, see
  5. Save as a new file, to be named according to the following convention:
    Subject code <hyphen> letter prefix and course number <hyphen> GenEd category abbreviation.pdf

    For example: ENG-L111-AH.pdf

    Category abbreviations are: EC (English Composition), MM (Math Modeling), AH (Arts and Humanities), SH (Social and Historical Studies), NM (Natural and Mathematical Sciences), WC (World Cultures), and WL (World Languages).
  6. Attach completed form(s) to an email message and send to the appropriate academic officer.
  7. Following review by the administration of your academic unit (i.e., school or college), proposals with school approval will be submitted to the General Education Committee.